Sunday, January 29, 2006


Obviously outsiders (non-employees) are not allowed to look at technology like ValidClick at Litmus Media. The same policy is employed at all companies, like Google and Clicklab. The best you can do is to read about their approach.

After joining Litmus Media, I have had access to look at ValidClick technology, and can say without a doubt that this is an implementation of the most advanced, and comprehensive approach to click fraud detection available today. Let me qualify this by saying that this is without seeing the details of some of the other technologies available. However, being a white-hat hacker myself and in the software engineering and development arena for over 15 years, I feel qualified to make the statement.

Can it be broken? Any hacker who knows his art will tell you that nothing is 100% crack-proof. Any software or hardware can be broken at some level. However, in order to break ValidClick you would not only have to know what you are doing but employ some very advanced and unlikely approaches (yes that is more than one approach) to even come close to bypassing the ValidClick fraud protection.

I have to put my seal on this technology as virtually unbreakable. Out of 100,000 people, one person may have the skillset to approach breaking ValidClick. Then out of 100,000 of those individuals having the skillset, maybe 10 would have the saavy to figure out how to actually break it. So that is 99.99999999%. Then¸ I cannot help but wonder out of those 10 individuals who actually could break ValidClick, who would pay these exceptionally talented individuals enough money to make it worth their while to actually do it.

Summary: Since Litmus Media has a team of 10 individuals that fall into the exceptional category mentioned above you can count on the fact that ValidClick is solid! For another company to have figured out a fraud detection approach this comprehensive is highly doubtful. I would trust ValidClick, period.

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