Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brainbench is Ridiculous

Ok, I hadn't taken a Brainbench test in years, until today. I just have to write about the experience.

The tests that I took are ridiculous. For the PHP test you get questions concerning the parameter placement and syntax for esoteric functions like 'ocilogon' or 'ldap_compare'. Or you get stupid questions that have nothing to do with measuring your ability to write effective PHP code. For instance, what does it really have to do with my PHP ability whether I know that the standard finger port is 79 instead of 80?

The Javascript test was much better but still quite annoying having little to do with measuring my ability to write solutions using Javascript.

Although I passed both tests, my advice to anyone faced with taking Brainbench tests is to either refuse with a statement about rather nailing your tongue to the floor or find a different company to work for. Better yet, tell them to let you take a normal technical interview and head on over to the TechInterviewWiki at: And if your section isn't included there help to build it by writing down the questions and answers during, or before, your interview and posting them.

Summary: Brainbench is a waste of time for anyone involved and cannot possibly hope to accurately measure one's effective programming skills.

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