Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Public Domain Movie Torrents with PDA versions

Public Domain Movie Torrents with PDA versions: "Classic Movies and B-Movies Movies For FREE!"

Steve Hovey at has free classic and B-movie torrents! As of this writing there are 531 movies available for download using bittorrent. There are versions available for iPod and PDA as well.

Ok, if you haven't seen Metropolis or Nosferatu yet, you need to get on over there and check those out. You are in for a treat! Also available is Night of the Living Dead, a great cult-classic.

Steve has done a lot of work getting these movies together and seeding them online. All he is asking is a bit of help seeding the movies. However, if you really like what he is doing, as I do, visit his site and support his advertisers. He isn't allowed to ask for support by visiting his sponsor sites but I can :-D. Also, if you find a movie you like, please keep the torrent online and seeding, at least for the movies you download.

Nice job Steve!

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