Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Preserved Mural Unearthed in Guatemala

The University of New Hampshire and Harvard's Peabody Museum have finally discovered and proven what the Book of Mormon has testified of for almost 200 years. Namely that there was an ancient civilization in Central America around the time of Jesus Christ's ministry on earth. What the world terms "Mayan" civilization were actually Jewish descendants of a man named Lehi who left Jerusalem around 600BC.

Preserved Mural Unearthed in Guatemala:
"This verifies what we had long suspected -- that Mayan civilization had crystallized by the time" the San Bartolo site arose, said University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Robert J. Sharer, author of "The Ancient Maya." "The institution of divine kingship is in place -- the imagery is consistent with later times. It's a terrific find."

For more information see "The Book of Mormon".

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