Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Techworld.com - Microsoft offers 'open' Office formats

Techworld.com - Microsoft offers 'open' Office formats:
Finally Microsoft gets the message about its proprietary office document formats. Nobody wants to have their documents locked inside the secret MS format, just to have them stop supporting the version that you own, forcing you to upgrade for another $400.00.
The software giant will submit its Office Open XML format to the International Standards Organization (ISO) to be adopted as an international standard in time for the launch of the next version of its Office software suite, it said today.

The decision comes as a group of technology rivals led by IBM and Sun are pushing the OASIS format for office applications called OpenDocument as a global standard format.

It also comes in the wake of a highly publicised decision by the state of Massachusettsto require compliance with OpenDocument for government documents - which effectively forces the phasing out of Microsoft Office and its proprietary format.
I tend to believe it is too little, too late for the Massachusettes state government.

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