Thursday, November 17, 2005

Asterisk 1.0.9 Module Template

Mark Spencer has done a great job with the Linux-based PBX software Asterisk. It is so easily extensible, I want to share an example module application in hopes that more people will find how easy it is and write more modules for Asterisk. Granted Asterisk 1.2 has now been released, most companies will be using version 1.0.9 for quite some time to come.

The following source code, written using C, has been stripped down from an Asterisk module that I developed for VozCafe International, my company's VoIP telephony service for internet cafes. It is meant only as an example. Although it compiles and links properly, with a proper Makefile, it will need some more work to make it completely functional. I'll try to post a Makefile later. Feel free to use the code under the GPL.

Questions can be sent to my gmail account (look to the right of this blog for the link). If you find it useful please let me know.

Click to download app_timedcall.c

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