Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Amelioration of the Voice Conversation

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is relatively new. Even so, the buzz is everywhere. VoIP delivers on cheap phone calls today, but the innovators are starting to take notice. With Skype delivering free calls from computer-to-computer, the Vonage $24.99 unlimited, domestic calling plan and the open source Asterisk software, VoIP is in just about everyone's immediate reach.

Now enter the FlashPhone from MPLAT...
The FlashPhone is an USB personal communicator for internet VoIP software, the FlashPhone have embedded the audio device and flash driver in small size. You can download and install softphone in flash driver, make/receive the free internet call at FlashPhone, save your chat history and transfer file to your flash driver.

The FlashPhone will focus on mobile user who working at different place. Travel and drop in any internet bar, keep your important file and chat record, plug and talk, unplug and leave.
This is such a cool device, though I have not personally tested it yet, it will be mine... oh yes... it will be mine. Stay tuned for a linux driver...

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